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shock - 06

Music: Kirill Komarov ~ U wchoda vrai (Beim Eingang ins Paradies)

Happy days of childhood are forever gone. They won't come back and we have to accept that fact. Because it's a fact. We have to accommodate to our business, our forever ongoing business which is too cruel to be fun. There are no funny days and there have never been any. Fun is an illusion for weaklings and a nonexistent reality for artists. Creating new things doesn't consist of fun, but of blood and sweat and tears. Of smacking your head against the wall until it hurts. Of feeling an immortal desire in your stomach.

There's nothing funny about creative work. Being creative means bleeding to death a thousand times and turning your very soul to the outside. It always is a painful process. I hate it. I hate it, I love it. So much. I'm addicted. There's no escape.

28.5.09 17:19


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